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Greetings from Universal Fantasies

Now is the time to take advantage of our specials to enjoy the ultimate tropical paradise getaway. Warm trade winds, crystal clear waters, lush volcanic islands, deserted moonlit beaches and sexy ladies will have you completely relaxed in no time! Enjoy our ladies eroticism and amorous sex

Everyone needs a break sometimes, so come and enjoy the finer things in life in Dominican Republic!

    Universal Fantasies has been providing adult vacations with sexy companions for over 28 years and can cater your vacation in a multitude of 4 and 5 star all inclusive beach front resorts, luxury beach condos,, as well as in our private luxury beach villa resorts. In addition, we are now allowing our guests to pre-select their companions after booking. Upon arrival at either POP, (Puerto Plata) or the Santo Domingo, Las Americas airport, (SDQ), our guests are greeted by our guide and your selected ladies and then driven to the all inclusive resort or villa of your choice.

For those not pre-selecting their ladies we will arrange a private gathering providing the opportunity to become very well acquainted with our lovely ladies who eagerly await to be the ones chosen to accompany you on your Fantasy Escape.

Our companions are stunningly attractive, very open minded and sensual... selectively picked from the most exotic regions of the world. These beautiful girls, who are between 18 and 26 years of age, exhibit only the finest qualities that we feel our clients have come to appreciate in the past.

For an excellent alternate VIP resort vacation in the South Caribbean we highly recommend our beach resorts in Cartagena, Colombia. Details and photos.


he Dominican is fully open and  we are offering a 30% discount on our VIP packages. Pay a and set your own dates. A 7 day advance notice of arrival is required.

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You may qualify for our 30% discount by emailing, calling or texting us on our US numbers;
Whatsapp; 1903-539-4328 or +1753-273-6453 or our New York office +1914-953-1750.


  • For the health and safety of our guests our assigned clinics and medical facilities routinely screen and test our staff and girls for any sign of illness or infections.


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A lush retreat of unsurpassed elegance and breathtaking beauty with fully staffed luxury beachfront resorts with endless amenities, master suites, dramatic ocean views, private beach, whirlpool, gym, spas, massages and gorgeous pools, as well as chef prepared meals, snacks, salad and fruit bars and several fully stocked bars and lounges. All inclusive resorts, calm breezes, glittering clear tropical waters, white sand beaches, endless supply of cold drinks, superb dining and sinful playmates make our vacations the best on the planet.

Or select our beach hideaway, which is a virtual palace and comes with an array of James Bond style girls from exotic countries like Russia and Argentina, Ukraine and Venezuela to mention just a few.

With the best imported wines, liquors and other beverages along with a wide variety of exquisite meals specially prepared by our world class chefs…life just doesn’t get any better than this…

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Whatever your background, we think you'll agree that there comes a time in life when one should reap the benefits of hard work and sacrifice, when one should take time to enjoy the pleasures so richly deserved. At all of our Global "Fantasy Resorts" our clients are King, no work - no worry, just pure physical & mental pleasure.

Imagine the relaxation and sensual excitement of being accompanied by beautiful girls in an exotic and tropical environment. Traveling alone doesn't necessarily mean being alone anymore. Lying around the pool in the shade of a coconut tree, while your smiling companion brings you your favorite drink is just one such rewarding moment.

Should you have any energy left after savoring the sweet sensuality of your ladies, resorts, private villas we can provide you a variety of sport facilities including: golf at a course nick-named the "Pebble Beach" of the Caribbean, scuba diving, big game fishing, snorkeling, water and/or jet skiing, windsurfing and more. Power & sail boats are also available.

We also offer ladies and models in many global cities. Tell us where and when and we deliver!

Our adult services require a services!

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Enjoy a day of sun and water, hours of fantasy fulfillment with your lady, re-energize with excellent dining and your favorite beverages...relax in your private suite for some more sexual playtime and then fall in to a deep refreshing sleep. Awaken whenever you're ready to enjoy a delicious breakfast prepared just the way you want it. Head over to the pool for a refreshing dip and then stroll along the beach with your sexy companion...lay in the sand while she caresses away the last once of stress...Enjoy another cold drink, play some golf, ride a horse, shoot the waves in your jet ski, swim...snorkel in the crystal clear waters... enjoy our spa and a full body massage and if you have the out in our gym,. Later you can discuss your evening plans with your companion, perhaps you'll decide to stay in the resort and savor a moonlit evening in our superb lounges or dance clubs...or venture out on the town for some action at the casino and to dance away the rest of the night at a popular lounge. As it is also your companion's vacation, she is more than pleased to do whatever you desire. Live your life to the fullest in one of our Fantasy Island resorts and it'll be a vacation you'll wish to repeat time after time.

Sending a “Wish you were Here” post card to your friends will have a whole new meaning, being totally relieved that for once it’s not you rolling into work on this beautiful morning.

Universal Fantasies…where men can be men!

There are never any hidden fees and tipping, while appreciated is never expected.

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