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 Who stands behind this vacation?
Universal Fantasies is one of the world's largest provider of erotic vacations, we have been in operation for over 15 years via our parent company, & we are definitely experienced in what we do, offering overworked men pleasure with beautiful women in exciting destinations.

 Is this real/legal?
In our case you can put your mind at ease, as we are not operating on US soil, we are based in Amsterdam, and in Holland what adults engage in are private and legal. We generate our revenue by providing thousands of men with excellent vacations around the world and by obeying all local laws.

 When's a good time to visit?
Most times of the year are good for a visit, trust us when we say that our girls can make any weather pleasurable. The spring, summer, & fall offer the best opportunities to explore Amsterdam, but winter also has its unique charms.

  What about communication? How is confidentiality ensured?
We have gone to great length to ensure your privacy and discretion. Once in Amsterdam you will be provided with a mobile phone, & a private number, you can then choose who to give it to. Your privacy is completely assured. 

 What's the weather like in Amsterdam?
Generally Amsterdam is blessed with some of Europe's best weather. We have warm & beautiful, sunny days throughout the spring, summer, & fall, with our winters cooling down a little bit, but remain rather temperate.

 How do I make a reservation?
Pricing & Booking Information. Fill our our information form, & once we have the specific dates of interest, we will confirm whether the dates are available. Since flights are not included, you will need to email us with your flight schedules. You will be met at the airport by a representative for transfer to your luxury hotel, or private apartment. Click here for the booking form!

How early in advance do I need to book?
We recommend confirming your reservation four months in advance, particularly if you are limited to certain dates for travel. But we will do our best to cater your dates regardless. If you have an opening at short notice (this weekend!), we are quite flexible for individual reservations and may be able to fit you in. For private groups more advance notice is recommended for reservations.

 Does your package include airfare?
With clients flying in from all parts of the world we are not in the position to arrange your flight, but will if requested, assist you in obtaining the best fares. Please check with your travel agency or any online travel site for flight connections. We recommend Travelocity and Orbitz, as their prices are generally the best on the web.

 What accommodations are available?
We offer and provide 2 types of accommodation. 1. You can choose to stay in a luxurious 4-star hotel in the center of Amsterdam, or you can choose to have your own private, fully equipped apartment.  The hotel comes with all of their available amenities, daily maid service, prepared breakfast & 24 hour lobby service. Our apartment provide security, style, comfort and more privacy, as well as more freedom.

Define "Adult Entertainment"?
Adult entertainment means, pleasurable, sexual companionship with a beautiful woman and the only requirements are your imagination.

 Do I have to tip?
Tipping or the giving of gifts is always at your discretion.

  Are additional girls available?
Yes, you may enjoy as many girls as you like. All fees are priced per either a 12 or 24 hour period and guests may pay for additional girls and or time.

 Are our girls healthy?
It is mandatory for our ladies to visit our prearranged clinics once every 60 days. If not they are forbidden to work. Our ladies are sophisticated, educated and care about their health. To ensure your health (and that of our girls) safe sex is of course mandatory. They will, however, make sure your fantasies are fulfilled!

 Do you offer packages for special occasions, groups, couples, etc.?
Special group rates are available. We serve single men, ladies, couples and can definitely cater bachelor and business gatherings. Please indicate your groups status, how many, male and/or females on our booking form. We can provide gorgeous bi sexual ladies, models and even super models when requested and will cater to couples.
Pricing & Booking Information

 Is it possible to pre-select an escort?
Yes, but as that we book several vacations a month, it is not always possible to ascertain that you will indeed be matched with any one companion. Therefore we ask that you meet our girls before making your selection. You may change your companion once every 24 hours, if desired. During a 7-day vacation you can have up to seven companions and additional girls are always available for even more pleasure. Additional fees will apply.

 Which girls will be available during my visit?
We retain a large number and variety of woman from most European countries, including Bulgaria, Russian, Ukraine, Italy, and France and of course, many beautiful girls from Holland. We are consistently hiring new girls and rotate them every 12 to 16 weeks in retaining a fresh selection for our customers. For a sample of the girls currently available please
return to our Amsterdam page and click on the  companion links.

 What are the girls like?
We travel the globe filming beauty shows and interview our choices extensively.  We select only the most beautiful, charming and personable applicants. Our girls are graceful, well dressed, educated, sensual and well balanced.

 What can I expect from the girls?
Unlike many escorts and professional ladies, our girls set no limits to the intimacy of your experience treating you more as a lover, rather than a client. If you are looking to indulge in some kind of sexual "fetish" fantasies we can not detail any specific sexual service, but our women are very open minded. The girls we work with are definitely not "pros" in this field and we will not get into any discussions about specific sexual services. Any limits are totally set by you and your selected companion. You have the choice to change your companion daily.

If you are looking for a romantic and personal experience with the girls then this is the right place for you. We work hard in providing ultimate sensual experiences, much more then just a sexual service, you will be sleeping with your girl, waking up with your girl, having breakfast, enjoying conversation, walks, dancing, activities and etc. We highly recommend a romantic boat cruise down the cities canals and around the port.

Are you allowed only one girl for the whole stay, or can you change everyday?
All guests may retain or change their selected companions daily at no extra charge.

 Where can I see the actual girls
Our Escort Gallery shows the caliber of girls and while we have over 60 many simply do not wish their photos posted for personal reasons, as they live and have families in the area. You will be able to view all of the girls photos and details upon arrival. View our escorts!

 Can I stay extra days once I am there?
You can stay as long as you like and all fees are based per day. Let us know as far in advance as possible and you may have to move from one apt to another or to a hotel, but we will accommodate you.

 Do you have internet access at the hotel, & or apartments?
We have high-speed Internet access available in our apartments and in the hotels.

 Additional Costs?
Included in your package is your selected companion and lodging and citywide tours. Dining and beverages and costs incurred at your own discretion, such as bar tabs, souvenirs or gifts for the ladies are not included. Our apartments are fully equipped for cooking and most of our ladies are quite at home in the kitchen.

 Are Passports, & Visas required?
A passport is required for all visitors outside the European Union and a Visa is not required as American and Canadian citizens are entitled to stay in Holland for three-months visa free.

 Where exactly are you located?
Amsterdam is the largest city in the European nation of Holland, which is a small, wealthy country in Western Europe, located on the North Sea, the country shares borders with Germany & Belgium.

 How will the deposit charge appear on my credit card statement?
Due to the high cost of processing and in protecting our clients privacy we do not accept credit cards. All payments must be made as a direct wire transfer to our company bank. Clients may use their credit cards at their banks for a cash advance for making the wire.

 Okay I'm ready, what is the next step?
Step 1: Early payment and booking guarantees your fares, your selected companions and your dates. Unlike other vacation companies, we do not penalize you for changed dates with an advance notice. You paid monies can be used at anytime for any erotic vacation provided by our company. There are no time limits. We require full payment for any/all vacations arriving within a 2-month period. Funds will be used for your selected vacation and assured by our parent company, Travelers Digest. Once you have selected your dates and we have confirmed the total payment has been received you may come anytime with a 14 day notice.
Click Here for Pricing & Booking Information.

Step 2: Your booking deposit or payment will be confirmed within 48 hours. Any and all balances will be due and payable within 60 days of your intended arrival.
Step 3: Prior to arrival we will provide all details and our Amsterdam staff's cell phone numbers. Upo arrival at the airport our staff will have your name on a sign and will be standing just outside of the immigration area. It is your responsibility to locate him and if you cannot locate him/her then you must call the provided numbers to arrange a meeting location in the airport. You will not be left at the airport under any circumstances, but it is your responsibility to notify us immediately if you missed the flight, or if your plane is late.

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