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We have 16 international vacation locations and have been providing exotic services since 1973.

Our parent company is registered with Dunn & Bradstreet and was originally founded in 1941.

We have English speaking personnel around the globe and cater to the desires of men, women, couples and groups!

While we don't usually post details or personal information about our clients in order to protect their privacy we have decided to post  a few of our guests reviews with their permission.

"Here's just a few of our customer's reviews"

James C. in Seattle, Washington.
Vacation in Cartagena. July, 2017, Nov 2017 and June, 2018.

After a week of chats, texts and emails with Mike at Fantasy I paid a fair deposit and scheduled a 7 day vacation in July. The flight was a little long from Seattle, but after checking into my perfect beach condo and meeting some of their remarkable girls I relaxed, opened a bottle of red wine and commenced to get even more relaxed with 2 of the girls I previously selected. Sand sea, surf and sex...damn I had never believed such vacations existed. On my 2nd day my assigned agent introduced me to a sweet your girl with long jet black hair and piercing blue eyes. Her name was Maria. She was a sweet firm bodied 22 year old  girl from Madrid. I was in love! She stayed with me for the remaining 5 days and we grew infatuated with each other and promised to stay in touch and we did. Shopping, drinking, wandering the beach at night, spending evenings in roof top bars in the old city was like a dream. I would have packed her in my bags and brought her home if possible. She went with me to the small airport on my departure and actually had tears in her eyes. I promised her I would be back and in Nov. the same year I came back for 12 days and then again in June, 2018 for 14 days. We still stay in touch and I have pondered buying a beach condo and moving my online brokerage company to this charming city on the beach with sweet Maria.

Mike, you made me realize what I had been missing. Thanks

James in Seattle

By; Alan B. in New York
Fantasy Vacation in Cartagena, Colombia, Aug. Sept. 2016

I must state that before my arrival in Cartagena I had my doubts.  Having to pay up front through a wire transfer was a bit suspicious to me. That being said, I was willing to gamble and glad I did.  What an amazing vacation.  First of all as promised, my guide Fabio was outside customs waiting for me upon arrival.  He quickly escorted me to a waiting van where we were whisked off through the streets of Cartagena to the promised luxury condo.  When I arrived I had two pleasant surprises, an incredible view of the beach and of the city from the balcony and 3 really gorgeous girls. I was asked what I wanted to do, have lunch, tour or stay with my girls. I spend around an hour talking and drinking with the girls before making my 24 selection. I could change her daily if desired. As I learned during my stay, their aim was to keep me as happy as possible and that included basically anything I requested.  The staff and my hostess provided a truly remarkable Girl Friend Experience.

Aside from the main reason for my visit, to be in the company of a beautiful, approachable woman, I did want to do some “touristy” things that included local tours of points of interest, good food and wine and some snorkeling, to name a few. I was not disappointed. The water around several deserted islands was remarkably clear. The local selection of restaurants, the personal guided tours and many sports activities were great.

My first night was as romantic as it could get.  My companion was not only talented in bed, she was an accomplished cook.  So after a fantastic fling in bed, as I sipped wine on the expansive top floor balcony taking in the sites of the sun setting over the ocean and the city lights slowly coming on, my new friend prepared a tasty dinner of fresh fish and veggies.  After an engaging conversation (Kudos to Fabio for being sensitive to my lack of Spanish and providing me with a bilingual, intelligent companion), we returned to an unforgettable evening in bed.

Every day my guide would ask me if I wanted to experience another hostess. They also assigned me a personal concierge that keep my condo stocked with my selected food and drinks. That’s part of their uniqueness as a vacation provider, they are truly a fantasy creator. Fabio shared photos and explained the girls personality and what to expect from them.  All I can say he was talented.

If you want to travel and enjoy the company of pretty women contact Fantasy for inclusive services with sexy women around the world.

Alan B.

New York

By; mrpromoter. April 21, 2012

I work 12 to 15 hours a day promoting business and musical events around the US and seldom ever take any time for myself. In Jan. 2012 I stumbled across a very interesting website about adult getaways and took a moment to email them. They sent me details of several locations. I decided to make a decision and booked 10 days in Costa Rica. Living in Miami the flight was reasonable and short. Having never been there before I was quite belittled at the size and scope of their capital, San Jose. Entering the airport lounge I saw two cute girls and a man with my name on a sign. After some introductions we headed to the airport bar for some drinks and chit chat. I had booked a 5 star hotel on the Caribbean, so me and the girls hopped in the van and the driver took us to the hotel. The drive was fairly long, but the landscape was inspiring. The 10 days wasn't long enough to say the least. I changed girls everyday and enjoyed their company day and night. We went our to dinner every night in different restaurants, did lots of drinking and dancing, but mostly laid around the pool and on the beach. Having just been divorced for the 3rd time I had no clue that such catering and sweet girls even existed. Thanks Mike for giving me the vacation I wish I had took years ago. Marriage is for losers and will never do it again. Why buy what you can rent with no obligations.

By: theranchers. July 30, 2011 at 07:06AM (EST)

I had never had an erotic vacation before. Due to my age and physical condition I wasn't sure if the company would even accept me, so I called Universalal Fantasy in May and their agent assured me my age and disabilities would not be an issue. I booked a week for June and flew down to Cartagena, Colombia. From Miami the flight was cheap and fast at just over 2 hours. I was met by a driver and 3 very pretty young women. At first I was a little worried, but the girls made me feel at ease and after a great dinner and some drinks I relaxed. The agent informed me that if I didn't like the girls he would bring some more. Hell at my age I was like a kid in a candy store with a pocket full of quarters.

They treated me like a prince and when time to leave I felt like I was leaving something really good. I will book another vacation next Sept. and by then I will be 78 years old. Thanks Mike and give my kisses to Roxanne, Dana and sweet Lori, heaven's sex kittens for sure.

By: topgunpro. July 29, 2012 at 03:25PM (PST)

After chatting with a few of my buddies that have had trips with this company and their super women I will definitely be booking a 10 day trip for Nov. 2012, if I can get off of work.

Update June 2014. I finally got enough time from work and went down to Cartagena, Colombia in June 2014. Short flight from Houston, Texas and surprisingly cheap. Their staff were waiting in the airport's VIP lounge and after a 10 minute drive took me to a luxury condo with a private pool on the beach. There was 6 super sexy girls waiting. I picked out 2 to stay with me. Everyday I changed for 2 different ones. The girls were great cooks and the condo was stocked with food and lots of drinks, so, we didn't go out too often and spent most of our time making out and laying on the beach or in the pool. The vacation wasn't cheap, but worth every dollar. They provided me with sweet girls and left me wanting for nothing. My 55th birthday was on the 4th day and the girls and my driver threw me a hell of a wild party. The girls sang happy birthday in sexy lingerie and we drank 2 bottles of champagne . Nice, very nice. I thank Mike and his staff for making my vacation one I won't soon forget. And Fabio, my agent and guide, went above and beyond in keeping me happy.

Can't wait to go back!

By; Hirosihimpo. Dec. 12th 2007

I am from Taiwan and after several years without a vacation I decided to do something different. I have always been sexually attracted to Chinese girls and after some research on the net I booked a 5 day vacation to Hong Kong with Fantasy. The price wasn't cheap, but it was a most memorable and fulfilling vacation and everyday I had my choice of 2 very hot women. They booked me in a 5 star Hong Kong island hotel, which was by far as good or better than any I had stayed and with their guide I explored the city both night and day. Lots of sex, great dining and lots of dancing. Me and my 2 girls also took a trip by high speed boat to do some gambling on Macau Island. It was a better experience than anything Las Vegas had to offer.

A very pleasing experience and I highly recommend them.

By: tjdog. May 26, 2011 at 012:30PM (PST)

My wife and I spent 10 days with Universal Fantasies in their Cartagena location and both had a great time. They provided an excellent 5 star beach resort with great food and endless supply of drinks. My wife was reluctant to book the vacation, as she is very picky about her lovers. She is bi sexual and has been most of her life, which is what attracted me to her in the first place. The first couple of girls they brought to us were very pretty, but just not the eye candy my wife desired. I called the cell phone of one of the company's staff and within a hour he brought 4 more ladies and 3 were 10 on any scale. And the good thing we could change companions every day, and we did. For 3 days and late into each night I would venture away from my wife and her playmates and go diving and deep sea fishing around the local islands. On my second dive of the day the divers took me down about 60 feet and showed me a very old ship wreck dating back to the Spanish Armada. After that I spent 2 days fishing and managed, with the crew's help, to catch two medium sized Mackerels and a 14 ft. pink sword fish. The crew prepared the swordfish that night on the beach and we all ate, drank and sang local songs until late the next morning. I definitely recommend this company. I let the crew keep the 2 mackerels. This Oct. 2012 we are going to spend 6 days in their Cabo swingers resort in Mexico.

By: john_mckinley56. September 7, 2011 at 11:03AM (EST)

I want to let people know that Fantasy gave me and my 4 fellow grads,  Texas A&M, of course,  a hell of a vacation in Cartagena last month. They provided the hottest women I've ever seen... Between the booze, the island beaches and the chic's it's a wonder we ever left. Great job Mike.

By: Philip-Moreno-123. June 8, 2011 at 06:50AM (EST)

Thank you for a Great Vacation in Prague. Can't wait to comeback again. Your ladies are awesome!

By: Jacktripper222. Jan.1st, 2009 at 11:41AM (CST)

On a visit to Miami from Sydney I came across their website and filled out the form for Riga, Latvia. I was flying to Budapest the following week and having never been to Riga I thought it would be a great place to experience their culture and their phenomenal woman. So, I paid the fare and after a few days hopped a plane to Budapest. I was planning on spending 5 or 6 days there  and was anxious to get to Riga. I called Mike on his LA number and asked him if I could get to Riga a few days early. He told me that the vacation, ladies and hotel were already booked. He asked me if it was crucial, but it wasn't, so I kept the scheduled dates. Later in the day Mike called me back at the hotel and offered to get me a companion in Budapest. I, of course, accepted and the next morning the hottest black haired blue eyed goddess that I ever seen came to my suite. I almost fell in love with her. I just hoped the girls in Riga were of the same quality. A few days later I found out...they were mostly Russian and Eastern Europeans and after meeting 6 or so I was awed. I never realized there were women like them anywhere in the world. The week in Riga with the girls and trips to the beaches of the Black Sea were unforgettable. Was I damn right I was?

I have been saving my vacation time for nearly three years and will have 60 free days in early 2013. And this time I will book one of their private pool villas in S. Thailand with 3 hot bloodied Asian girls!

By; Glen Halbrook. Nov. 2008 at 12:15PM (MST)

A few years ago my wife of 31 years passed away from breast cancer. My 3 kids are grown and live far away, so I was pretty much just sitting around doing nothing. An old fishing buddy had recently took a vacation to Thailand. In idle conversation he told me about all the fun and great looking women he had in Bangkok and in Phuket Thailand. This wasn't the first time I had heard of Thailand, as I spent a couple of years in Vietnam during the 70's. He gave me the phone number of a man named Mike at Fantasy Vacations. After more deliberations during the next few months I called him and we chatted for about an hour. He, too had spent 3 years in Vietnam and we had a lot in common. He told me his first wife had been killed in a car wreck while he was in Vietnam back in '69. But to keep it short I booked an all inclusive vacation and at his recommendation spent the first 3 days having a good time in Bangkok and then they flew me to Phuket where I stayed in a dream resort on the beach. I never had imagined the excellence of exotic food they served. During my stay I never wanted for a thing. I am 70 years old and had 2 young sexy girls to make me smile. I have taken a vacation with Mike every year since and this Dec. I am flying to Riga Latvia to stay in a 1100 year old castle and savory some Russian kitties this time. Thanks Mike.

There is still life at 70.

By; rogerthefisherman July 19 2012 at !;20PM. (EST)

I have always loved fishing and had been off shore around Miami a few times without any great luck. Loving women and fishing I decided to go somewhere I could enjoy both. I had saw an erotic vacation website and called their USA agent. After talking to him I decided to go down to Cartagena, Colombia in the south Caribbean and do some serious deep sea fishing. I had also booked a young lady to accompany me. Her name was Yolinda and she was more than gorgeous she also loved boating and was more than happy to do some fishing with me on the reef. I spent 6 days in Cartagena and me and her had a ball fishing, having sex and drinking & dancing on the beach. What a girl and I managed to catch so many fish we gave them to some of the locals. Thanks Universal Fantasies for a great time and hopefully I will see you guys again next year.

By gunmasterman.  November 10, 2012 at 10:14AM (PST)
After spending 2 tours in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan I wanted to just getaway and be spoiled for a week. After a lot of searching on the web I emailed Fantasies and after a week of exchanging emails I booked a week in Rio for Sept. 2012. All I can say is that I had the time of my life. So many women to choose from everyday and the parties and sailing I must have drank 5 gallons of bourbon and beer. The cookouts were awesome and the girls treated me like a big hot dog always wanting to wrap their buns around me. Rio is an awesome city and the locals are friendly and festive. I had a 2 bedroom luxury condo on Copacabana beach and the girls would cook a great meal every night. A damn great vacation for this gunnery.

By lonelynomore.  November 25, 2012 at 08:06AM (PST)

I got a divorce after 27 years of marriage and felt like an old dog. Kids grown and gone and I hated being worthless and alone. It was then I decided to do the things I had always dreamed of and so booked my first adult vacation with Fantasy Vacations. After a lot of serious debating I decided to go to Thailand. To sum it all up their staff took great care to make me happy and I had so much sex with awesome young girls I am thinking of moving to Thailand. Thanks Mike, great job.

By wildman1977. Jan. 30th 2012

I had never really known of such vacations, but after my last and 3rd divorce I started browsing for vacations with companions. I contacted Fantasy Vacations and they emailed me details for a 7 day getaway in Amsterdam. I paid the fee and arrived in Amsterdam on the 20th of Jan. A very nice English speaking man picked me up at the airport and took me for a short tour of the stunning city and to a club for a couple of drinks. He had arranged for us to meet a few of their ladies based on  my emailed requirements. All of them were tall, blond and busty. I was in heaven surrounding by angels. He then took me and my selected lady to a very nicely furnished apartment in the city center. Their staff had stocked it with everything I had asked for. My lady stayed with me in the apartment and was more than a phenomenal lover, she was entertaining, bilingual and an excellent cook and guide. All in all I had a great time and will book many more getaways with this company. They did everything they said and their selection of ladies was excellent.

By Casey_big_dog.  July. 22nd 2014.

Being in the entertainment business for 30 years I have had a lot of sex and wild parties, but they seemed fleeting, as I always woke up hurting and disillusioned. With money and lots of time between by gigs I really wanted to just getaway. Eventually I stumbled across a fantasy vacation website and thought why not? I called some numbers on their site and chatted with a man named Mike. He was an old war vet and easy to talk to. We discussed a lot of locations and he asked me where I had never been and I told him to S. America. He told me one of his favorite city there was Buenos Aires and it seemed as good a place as any, so I booked 2 weeks in July. It was a long flight from New York, but after sleeping the 1st day and half the night I was ready to rumble. I don't like the hassle of hotels, so Mike booked me in a super nice apartment in the heart of old town, called Recoletta. Their agent and driver took me to one of their lounges for some drinks and to meet some ladies. I had pretty much detailed the looks of women I preferred and damn sure wasn't let down. I had no clue Argentina women were so gorgeous. All I can say is I had the time of my life. Great ladies, excellent dining, some wild drinks I never heard of and nights out dancing. Hell I even laughed at myself trying to learn the tango. Sexy for sure, but not easy for a 220 pound black man. Great vacation Mike and thanks.


While we don't post details or personal information about our clients in order to protect their privacy we have decided to post  a few of our guests reviews with their permission. Like all companies we have had one negative blog. It came from the small crime infected country of Belize due to our decision to terminate a man's vacation after he sought sex with under-aged girls. The pedophile filed grievances about having his vacation terminated, which were posted by a Belize News Agency without ever contacting our company in this regard. Their unverified article was posted in local news papers against us in order to cover their own involvement with local brothels and other criminal enterprises. The man was detained and set free to fly back to Belgium after paying a large fine. Belize is a dangerous country in Central America, governed and policed by unscrupulous people that imprison, over tax, under pay and impoverish their own citizens. The Belize police have been to known to compensate cash and property from tourist, as well. So beware of traveling to or buying property in Belize.


We provide services around the world. All local transportation, private drivers & guides and escorts in luxury hotels, condos. pool homes and resorts with fine dining and beverages, as well as culture and adventure excursions. We clearly state on our main page that we do not condone any illegal activity and that sexual contact are between consenting adults. We definitely do not condone any sexual contact with minors and neither do we provide illegal drugs in any of our locations. We stand behind our promise to provide the best in accommodations and beautiful ladies and will do everything possible to assure our clients of a private and discrete sensual getaway in the world's most sought after locations.


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