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Frequently Asked Generic Questions for all of our locations.

 Who stands behind this vacation?
Universal Fantasies is one of the worlds leading provider of erotic sex vacations and definitely have the resources to provide you with unprecedented service, the finest resorts, the finest ladies and unequaled activities and amenities in safe and stunning global locations. We have no hidden costs and your privacy is absolutely assured.
As an international company your funds will be applied to your desired vacation.

 How long have you been in business and are your services legal?
Our company has 16 vacation locations and offices around the world. We have been in business for many years. We offer packages in the jungles, along the 2nd longest barrier reef in Belize, and the Caribbean, in the cultural cities of Europe, in central and S. America, as well as across Asia. Our services are legal and we do not hire under aged girls or offer any services that are or may be construed illegal in the areas of operations.

 Need more convincing?
Universal Fantasies is an International Company and vacation funds are paid directly to our parent company (TD). We provide thousands of annual erotic vacations for gentlemen, & couples and cater to those desiring a most memorable erotic vacation in safe entertaining international locations. All transactions are extremely discreet and we do not post or share your personal information with anyone for any reason...whatsoever!

 When is the best time of the year to visit?
The weather is uncontrollable, but most of our locations are in modest climates. And in our Central and South America locations there are around 300 days a year of sunshine.
Become a Member or pay a deposit in securing the lowest fares and receive a completely open itinerary for scheduling your arrival to any of our global vacation locations. We do not need your exact dates when securing the fares with a deposit or membership.

 What Is an Erotic Adult Vacations?
For those of you unfamiliar with the Companion / Escort Service Industry, the above phrase is used to describe the full service provided by escorts or in this case female companions in all inclusive resorts, fine hotels, private villas, etc.. The adult interaction is guaranteed and leaves nothing out.

 What about tipping?
Tipping is never sought or expected and is at the guests discretion.

 What is the ratio between escorts and guests at the Resort?
The number of ladies is based on specific locations, but we usually retain a 12 to one ratio. We do not want our hotels and resorts to look like a sex club or brothel. The majority of our guests are private and reserved persons who want their personal space. We maintain 35 to 45 ladies and add, as well rotate, girls quite frequently. English and several other languages are spoken by our staff and our girls. We are diligent in providing stunning sexually orientated ladies for our guests and selected companions may be changed daily. Extra girls are always available for an additional fee, per 24 hours.

 Are the girls healthy and tested for STDS?
Yes, our girls are tested quite frequently and carry current health certificates.

 Do you offer packages for private groups?
Yes we do and our very experienced staff can make sure your bachelor or other party, conventions, banquet, etc. is one you won't soon forget. (Note: Our resort does not provide any specific conference facilities, but with a beach, warm tropic waters, fine dining, an endless stream of booze and so many women to conference...does it really matter?).

 Can I have more than one escort?
Yes, you can and each guest may change companions every 24 hours.
Additional ladies are always available for extra fees. Become a Member and receive 2 girls for any one day and night in many of our locations.

 What are the girls like?
As stunning as models, but much more real and sensual. They provide a true girl friend experience. Our escorts enjoy what they're doing and love the thrill of having new encounters with foreign men. It also gives them an opportunity to earn college fees and live a more comfortable life. They quickly become infatuated with their companions and will enjoy your vacation with you without regard to your age or appearance. It does not matter whether you are shy and reserved, or bold and out going. Once selected they will move into your suite with you, or come and go as you desire. They will be more than your lover...they will be your guide, dining and dance partner...join in tours, play golf, swim and accompany you on excursions, etc. They have extensive wardrobes for all activities and those special night outs dancing at local clubs and adventurous and cultural trips, etc.

We are a couple can we come?
Yes you can! We retain many sensual bi-sexual ladies for your selection and you may change your companion daily. Become a member and enjoy a huge daily savings. We also welcome swingers and naturalists in our 4 swinger resorts. One in S. Thailand and 3 in Mexico. We can also book our clients into any global hotel or resort.

 Additional costs?
With our VIP packages
everything is included for you and you escort/s all meals, unlimited beverages, a well equipped suite, resort amenities, jungle tours, excursions, deep sea fishing, reef diving, as well as wild life excursions and of course, your choice of sex kittens. We suggest you bring about $500 dollars in cash and/or Travelers Cheques and one debit or credit card for any additionally incurred expense outside of your included agenda. While we provide many activities, excursions, etc. what you do and how you spend your time is always your choice.

 Are Passports and Visas required?
A passport is necessary, but for many citizens a Visa is not required. A simple tourist card is handed out during the flight. The form will remain with the guest to be surrendered to the airport immigration upon departure.

 Are there direct flights to your locations from most international cities?
Flights are based on cities of departures, but we operate in regions where there are usually daily flights from most global cities throughout North and South America, Canada, Australia and from Europe, as well as from other countries. We suggest checking with a local travel agent. Most guests simply book the round trip flights to and from the selection city where our staff will greet them and drive them to their booked hotel or resort. Our resort staff will drive them back to the airport for their departing flight.

 Are their specific check out times?
Not usually. Guests may stay with their ladies on the last paid day right up to the time of their departure to the airport for their return flights.

 May I stay at the resort longer than originally booked?
Yes, but we can not guarantee if there will be any openings, so it's best to pre-book, allowing yourself enough time to fully enjoy your vacation. We suggest a minimum of 5 days/4 nights and give great discounts for a week or longer stay. In regard to the nature of our services, we do charge by the day, not per night.

 May I take film or photos of the companions?
Yes, but ask the girls personally. You must also be careful not to include other guests, as we are diligent in protecting our guest's privacy and will confiscate your film, etc. if there is an issue.

 Are guests allowed to join with other guests in group sex or for swapping their companions?
Yes, but all parties must be in agreement and no unaccompanied girl can be solicited for involvement in any service not included in your paid vacation.

 Do you also provide male companions for females?
Yes we do. We retain several handsome and vibrant males for single women and couples. The daily fares are usually the same as our female companions. All of our companions carry current health certificates.

 If I become a member do I save money and can I bring a friend under my membership?
As a Member you will receive good discounts, upgrades, 1sr selection of ladies, as well as an additional companion for any one day and night. Members may also bring up to 2 male friends for the same discounted membership fares, per guest.

 How do I book and do you accept credit cards?
Due to the nature of our global sex services, the high processing costs and in protecting the privacy of our guests, we do not accept CC for our vacations. All funds are wired as a bank to bank transfer to our parent company. Details will be provided at booking. Please note that you must be at least 18 years of age and incomplete forms will not be answered. Once received we will contact usually within 24 hours If you do not find our email in your inbox, please check your bulk, spam and trash folders, as some unsolicited emails may be automatically moved from your main inbox. For questions or prompt bookings you may simply email us with your details or call us on any of our posted global phones at anytime, 24 hours a day-7 days a week. If no answer, please leave a number & a detailed message and we will call promptly call you back.

 Are all paid deposits used toward the vacation and can I change my vacation location?
Yes, all of your paid funds are used to your selected vacation. And we do not require your exact dates when accepting a deposit, as you will have a fairly open itinerary for scheduling your arrival dates. The deposit or full payment will secure the posted special fares and all upgrades upgrades offered at that time. Even after booking you may change your dates and/or vacation destination with a simple emailed request. We do, however, require a minimum 14 day advance notice of any changes. Guests wishing to come within 90 days must pay the total vacation fees when booking.

 I am married and must have complete privacy and discretion. Is this an issue?
No, we are a professional company and do not share, post, blog or otherwise store, sell or transfer your information to anyone, agency or other, for any reason, whatsoever. All transactions are private and all payments are simply listed as services, such as a vacation, tour, or excursion, etc. There are no mentions of sexual, erotic or adult services in any/all payment transactions. Client privacy is another reason we do not accept credit cards, as they mail out statements that may be viewed by others.

 Is the membership good for other, non erotic, vacations?
Yes. As a (TD) company we provide our members with professional services, priority booking and dates, great discounts and VIP upgrades on all vacations offered by TD and GF, (Global Fantasies) business, family, adventure excursions, resorts, hotels, etc. anywhere in the world. Transportation, cruises, flights, etc. are not included. Our Gold Travel Membership is $2000 US dollars and is good for a full 2 years. Membership is discrete, as we do not mail or make any general contact for any reason. Membership is strictly an online service.

To book any vacation, please return to the specific vacation page
of interest and click on the Fares and Details Form link.

Gold Membership Details!

*Membership saves you money and  provides VIP upgrades, but is not required to use our vacation services*

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Disclaimer: Our company does not condone any illegal activity or underage sex of any kind. Due to the nature of our business there
are no refunds for any reasons whatsoever, but paid monies can be used for any provided and/or available vacation at a future date
and there are no time limits as to when you may take the vacation.

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